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The Dialogic Learning Weekly #200

The Dialogic Learning Weekly #200
In August 2016, I started writing these weekly newsletters, and today I share with you the 200th edition.
As we finish a traumatic year, I hope you will not object to indulging in a muted celebration of reaching this newsletter milestone with me. 🎉
Here are a few reflections and musings from writing this newsletter every week during the tumult of 2020.

We are in this together
You are here, reading this because at some point you invited me into your inbox—a sacred digital space.
I know I have many little routes that wind their way to this destination. There are plenty of resources, on my blog, that asks for a subscription to this newsletter in exchange for the download—a small trade perhaps, but a significant signal of trust in what I can create.
I have never taken your trust in me for granted, and I strive every week to craft a thing worthy of your time, and your inbox pixels.
Thank you for that trust and your commitment throughout this year with the newsletters. I always enjoy hearing from you all and learning how you see the topics and provocations.
I always finish an issue with an invitation to let me know what resonates? This also reminds me to create meaningful content that evokes a deeper connection.
Habits and rituals during chaotic times
Over the last two years, on average, I have written 45 weekly issues a year. In 2020 I wrote issues 155-200. Twelve month’s worth of newsletters typically amounts to 30,000 words.
My writing habit has become stronger this year due to the tumultuous nature of our experiences with COVID 19. The newsletter, the writing, the thinking process and weekly creative challenge, has become an anchor for me.
It has stabilised my disparate thoughts. In fact, writing has always been a space and endeavour that balances me. When there are loose ends; fractured ideas; multiple projects to focus on; and a constant restlessness for better - writing coherent articles or newsletters has been a tonic.
During this year it has proven even more important. It has been a soothing experience to come back to this space, and attempt to craft a new issue. The ritual - after doing it 200 times I suppose it is - has enabled me the time and space to think deeply about my experience.
During uncertainty, it is our nature to seek out the familiar. We filter for commonplace patterns and the comfort they bring. I hope my writing has given you some comfort and a familiar weekly anchor, as it has for me.
What impact does this newsletter have?
You might experience this too. I often question why I publish or whether anyone is reading any of the thousands of words I write every month. That sort of rumination can gnaw away at your confidence, as you hover over the publish button.
I counter this by choosing to linger on the stories of impact that I hear from readers. Messages and email replies trickle in over the year. It is by no means a flood, but I treasure the stories of how school leaders and teachers have used the ideas I share.
I listen deeply to those stories of impact, and I know every week that my words, my writing, has the potential to change the way, someone sees the world.
As we speak, there are just short of 3000 subscribed readers, and I know a much smaller percentage connects with the issues every week. The numbers do not really matter to me; a single story of impact will keep me writing every week.
If you have a few moments, I would be grateful to know what you value about this weekly newsletter? What resonates with you, and what impact does it have?
Just hit reply and drop me a note.
Have a restful holiday when it arrives. Thank you once again for joining me as a reader this year. I look forward to sharing ideas again with you soon. Here’s to the next 100 issues!
Let me know what resonates.
In dialogue we trust
*Signing off for 2020. See you in January 2021.
Photo by Hillie Chan on Unsplash
Whanake, (v) in Te Reo Maori means to move onwards, move upwards. This was taken at Piha, Auckland, New Zealand. Piha Beach is famous for its stunning beaches but beauty can be found on a clifftop on the way to the beach from the carpark. This photo was taken during a photo expedition when I was out of a job, so the fact that it was taken on a whim on the way to the beach resonates that “it’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” It matters not what stage of life we’re in as long as we keep moving and looking for inspiration.
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