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The Dialogic Learning Weekly #194

The Dialogic Learning Weekly #194
Welcome to this week’s issue. Today I have been working on the Start, Stop, Continue action planning framework. I wondered what other accompanying provocations we might use to extend the core routine. Below are my additions and elaborations - I hope they prove a useful tool to support your projects.

Photo by Start Digital on Unsplash
Photo by Start Digital on Unsplash
  • What practices do you need to START doing?
  • Outline some of the new ideas that you want to start?
  • What are the habits you want to start?
  • What negative practices do you need to STOP?
  • What are the low-impact processes which need to stop?
  • What do you need to stop investing in?
  • What established practices do you need to CONTINUE doing?
  • Which aspects of your work need to be maintained?
  • What needs continued investment to maintain the impact you want to see?
  • What aspects of your practice can you IMPROVE?
  • Which parts of your project have room for growth?
  • What changes can you make to increase the impact?
  • Which elements of your work need to be PAUSED to allow resources to shift elsewhere?
  • Which projects would benefit from a short developmental hiatus?
  • Which projects are a priority and would benefit from other elements being PAUSED?
Fast Forward
  • Which aspects of this project would benefit from an increase in pace?
  • How might we increase the speed of development?
  • In the future what might be a block or challenge to the success of this?
  • What have we learned from the story of development so far?
  • If we returned to the beginning of this project what would we start with?
  • What can we learn from how this problem was handled in the past?
  • Which assumptions do we need to CHALLENGE?
  • What bias do we need to talk about and better understand?
  • What will you do to disrupt and challenge the status quo?
I made another thing.
I made another thing.
I have developed this into a little one page PDF resource, if you would like a copy, just drop me a reply and let me know how you might use it.
Thanks for joining me this week.
In dialogue we trust.
~Tom Barrett
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