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The Dialogic Learning Weekly #189

The Dialogic Learning Weekly #189
Hi team - welcome along to the 189th edition of the weekly newsletter. How are you? I hope you are safe and well. This week: some messy thinking space, a creative week and the future of new credentials.

New Credentials
I spent this week developing a microcredential for our courses we are working on. The article below is a useful outline of the context of assessment and the opportunity that some schools are exploring with micro credentials.
Learning in these schools is personalised around each student’s passions and interests, linking to five mandated learning goals. These include capabilities like knowing how to learn, quantitative and social reasoning, which are complex competencies learned in school and the community.
Future proofing Australian students with ‘new credentials’ | Pursuit by The University of Melbourne
Messy Thinking Spaces
I enjoyed the article below this week that explores the science and art of thinking spaces in design. The part quoted particularly resonated with me as we all grapple with more technology and less natural human interaction.
to call a lecture a ‘Webinar’ is to deliberately draw attention to the technical medium. We don’t call seminars ‘f2f-inars’ … (OK, clunky example…). If an event is a tutorial then it’s OK to call it a tutorial regardless of where and how it’s arranged – it’s the human value that’s more useful to communicate than the medium or mode.
The Science and Poetry of Messy thinking – Distance Design Education
A Creative Week
This week has focused my attention and energy on the development of our SOLO Taxonomy course. We are on the threshold of publishing our first online course, and this week has been an outpouring of creative thinking and development.
Chris Harte and I have developed a highly curated workbook that accompanies the course. A wide range of mental models and strategies that support the SOLO Taxonomy and just all round good thinking.
I had fun designing and developing the original resources and adapting ideas that Chris and I had previously built. We are excited to be launching this 100 page accompanying resource with the course. You can see a preview of some of the resources below.
A preview of the resources from our course.
A preview of the resources from our course.
Thanks for joining me this week. Take care wherever in the world you are.
Let me know what resonates.
In dialogue we trust
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