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The Dialogic Learning Weekly #186

The Dialogic Learning Weekly #186
Welcome to the 186th issue of the Dialogic Learning Weekly. How has your week been? Lockdown continues here in Melbourne.
I am happy to share with you the launch of Dialogic Learning’s online courses. We have three courses ready for pre-order, ahead of their full release. This includes an exciting collaboration with Chris Harte, from Unstuck Learning Design, on the SOLO Taxonomy.
I have outlined the three courses below for you to have a look before we share more publicly on the socials.

The SOLO Taxonomy
Chris Harte and I have been collaborating for a long time, and this course is the outcome of our ongoing fascination and passion for learning.
We both believe in the incredible potential of the SOLO Taxonomy language and framework. Our new course is an ideal starting point for anyone keen to explore further.
During the course we will explore thinking routines for making learning and thinking observable. As well as the language, purpose and application of the SOLO Taxonomy in the classroom.
This will be the first course we release on Friday, 18th September. You can pre-order and save your place now.
How to Capture Learning Growth with the SOLO Taxonomy
Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping
Led by my colleague Chad Ferris, this course has also been a long time in development. When Chad and I collaborated at St Mel’s Catholic Primary School, we began to explore the potential of hexagonal thinking for learning design.
Chad expanded and refined the process over the last five years. He has presented at national and international conferences and worked with schools to implement the process to support and inform more detailed planning processes and learning design.
I am delighted to see an online course in Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping, that will make this learning design method more accessible to teachers around the world.
This course is in development for a release date in October.
How to Design Learning using Hexagonal Curriculum Mapping
Design Thinking
Last, but not least, is a course on How to Make a Start with Design Thinking. This has been on my backburner for a very long time and I am proud to see this introductory course take shape.
I have designed a course that anyone can take to help them get started with problem solving with Design Thinking. The outcomes for this course are:
  • To understand the process of design thinking for creative problem-solving.
  • How to apply design thinking to an authentic area of development in your professional context.
  • The foundational methods of design thinking to help you get started.
As you would expect from me by now, the Design Thinking course comes with a comprehensive toolkit of templates and resources you can use. That is also true of the other two courses - we are excited to share with you the brand new resources we are developing.
Follow the link below to explore more details about the Design Thinking course.
How to Start Problem Solving with Design Thinking
In addition, each course comes with a micro-credential and accreditation which you can post proudly on your digital platforms.
It has been lots of fun exploring, building and designing these courses. A big thanks to Chad and Chris for all their contributions and expertise.
I know you will enjoy learning about these subjects with us and I look forward to your feedback. Each course is available for pre-order, ahead of release dates in September and October.
Thanks for joining me this week. Let me know what resonates.
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Tom Barrett from Dialogic Learning

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