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The Dialogic Learning Weekly #161

Happy Friday everyone - well that is if you are reading this on a Friday. I hope you are well and hav
The Dialogic Learning Weekly
The Dialogic Learning Weekly #161
By Tom Barrett • Issue #161 • View online
Happy Friday everyone - well that is if you are reading this on a Friday. I hope you are well and have had a great week. I just finished a few days working on strategy and development with Chad. Exciting times for Dialogic Learning. Thanks for joining me for another newsletter! Let’s get into it.

ReimaginED 2020
Flagging a conference for you, that is happening soon here in Melbourne. If you are not able to attend it is worth tracking the social networks and stay connected to the outcomes.
ReimaginED is a unique annual conference that provides a space for deep learning and collaboration focused on transformative change in education. The event brings together an innovative community of teachers, students, researchers, school administrators, business people and community leaders with a shared goal of influencing the future of teaching,
My son George, who is in Year 9, attends the Woodleigh School, which is leading the event. It is interesting to see some of the conference topics they are exploring. I am particularly struck by the work on assessment with the Mastery Transcript.
Here are some of the provocations.
  • How might we best foster the development of the skills and capabilities that are required to successfully navigate living and learning in today’s society?
  • How can we co-design learning experiences with students that support practical, social and personal engagement with the complex realities of the natural and social worlds in which they live?
I don’t think we need more education conference, but this sets itself apart by having an emphasis towards action. We need viable alternatives, not just more rhetoric.
Make it More Dialogic
  • Reflect on a connection you made with someone at a conference and the value that it created?
  • Why are some education conference more successful?
  • If you could reimagine assessment what would you focus on?
ReimaginED 2020
Garbage Language
My favourite read this week is this lovely article about business language by Molly Young. You may have heard me talk about my ‘jargon radar’ before. Or my growing unease for the eduspeak that creeps into our vernacular. This piece exposes the emptiness of such language but also the nuance.
I like Anna Wiener’s term for this kind of talk: garbage language. It’s more descriptive than corporatespeak or buzzwords or jargon. Corporatespeak is dated; buzzword is autological, since it is arguably an example of what it describes; and jargon conflates stupid usages with specialist languages that are actually purposeful, like those of law or science or medicine.
Make it More Dialogic
  • Reflect on the language we use in education organisations?
  • How does it mask what we mean?
  • What are some poor examples?
  • How do we filter out the garbage?
Why Do Corporations Speak the Way They Do?
Download your FREE resource
Chad and I have spent time over the last few days doing some planning and thinking about the future of Dialogic Learning. One key area for us both is the development of resources that are insightful, practical and add real value.
To that end I am resharing a FREE design thinking resource that helps you with framing and reframing a problem or challenge. Often the define phase in Design Thinking is quite tricky and we miss the opportunity to develop the problem definition.
This ‘How Might We’ template helps with that. Click the link below to get a copy.
Look out for a whole new range of Dialogic Learning resources coming soon.
Make it More Dialogic
  • Attempt to balance the HMW question in terms of specific people you are helping and the ambitious scale of the problem.
  • Why do you think the first three words are so important?
  • Why do you think better problem definition typically leads to better ideas?
How to frame and reframe a problem
Enjoy your weekend and let me know what resonated with you this time. See you next week for another Friday newsletter!
~ Tom Barrett
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